Sep 19

Vendome Flower Park: Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Vendome Flower Park WaterfallVendome Flower Park was my three year old’s favorite part of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  The well fed artificial stream that flows through the park was a big hit and she just loved walking, splashing, and playing in it. The stream flows through the area eventually connecting to Travertine Creek by a 10 foot or so waterfall.  It is a wonderful little part of the greater Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Vendome WellOver the years the Vendome Well was undergone some improvements.  From the time it was drilled in 1922 to the complete overhaul in 1998, the Vendome Well has been an Oklahoma attraction with hundreds of thousands of people visiting the area each year.   I will say it is an interesting sight to see thousands of gallons just spirting out of the ground.
PlayingVendome Flower Park has a hard packed walking trail that runs along the stream as the stream connects two small wading pools.  We spent a lot of our time at the park in one of the two wading pools.  My little 3 year old had a blast stomping around in the water splashing water on me.  It was a great way to cool down during a hot July visit. Chickasaw National Recreation AreaAfter our little cool down in the wading pool we followed the trail to where the waterfall connects the stream with Travertine Creek.  Wanting to get a photograph of the falls we headed for the other side of the creek via the Lincoln Bridge which leads to the main area of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  Lincoln Bridge, a stone bridge built in 1908, was the first developed structure built for what was then Platt National Park.   It is a neat looking piece of architecture that offers some fun photo opportunities for those with the time to be there during ideal lighting conditions.  Just on the other side of the bridge there is a short dirt path that will take you to a nice view of the waterfall from the Vendome Well.
Lincoln BridgeThe Vendome Flower Park is a must see if you are visiting the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  Especially if you bring some water shoes or have some tough feet and go strolling through the creek.  Make sure you take the stroll across the historic Lincoln Bridge and down the dirt path to see the small cascading waterfall. Travertine CreekVendome Flower Park
Located at State Highway 7 aka W Broadway in Sulphur, Oklahoma
For more information visit http://www.nps.gov/chic/index.htm

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