Sep 15

Antelope and Buffalo Springs Trail

Buffalo SpringAntelope and Buffalo Springs Trail is a short 1.2 mile round-trip trail located at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  It is very easy hard packed/gravel trail that starts at the Travertine Nature Center.  Make sure you check out the nature center either before or after your hike.  It is one of the more popular hikes in the park so early mornings would probably serve you best if you are looking for solitude. Buffalo and Antelope Springs TrailWe really enjoyed the short trail as it took us to both Antelope and Buffalo Springs.  One thing we liked about the trail is that along the path there were several informational signs about the variety of plants, trees, and flowers that can be spotted along the trail.  The Antelope and Buffalo Springs Trail is nice and wide and very scenic as it runs alongside the winding Travertine Creek.  Of course, the trail is much more scenic if the creek is running so check conditions before you go.
Along the TrailChickasaw National Recreation Area is one of our favorite parts of Oklahoma and I was really surprised by how beautiful the area was. I know growing up I always thought of Oklahoma as just another one of those Plain states, flat, not very exciting, but as I have traveled a little bit more throughout the state my opinion of the Sooner state is starting to change.  Places like the Chickasaw National Recreation area, Natural Falls State Park, and Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge have helped change my mind. Peaceful PondI really enjoyed the short Antelope and Buffalo Springs Trail to see the two natural springs.  Buffalo Springs has a stone framework around it so you can sit and enjoy watching the running water.  While Antelope Springs has a more natural setting as it bubbles over the rocks that are there.  There are a few benches along the path as well as a few small ponds.  My 3 year daughter enjoyed the hike so this is definitely a hike the whole family can do.    I ended up hiking the Antelope and Buffalo Springs Trail once in the afternoon and once early in the morning, both were fun but the morning hike gave me a chance to see some of the deer that frequent the area.

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Antelope SpringsAntelope and Buffalo Springs Trail
Trailhead next to the Travertine Nature Center
1.2 Mile RT
Easy Level Trail
Around 30 minutes to complete

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