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Natural Falls State Park: A Treat for the Senses

Natural Falls State Park Man Made WaterfallNatural Falls State Park is home to one of the two tallest waterfalls in the state of Oklahoma.  Natural Falls  shares the honor of being the tallest with Turner Falls located in the Arbuckle Mountains in the south central part of the state.  Natural Falls aka Dripping Springs Falls is a beautiful multiple waterfall flowing over a sheer rock wall.  It is one of the most scenic areas that we have seen in the state of Oklahoma and a definite do not miss if you find yourself in the northeastern part of the state. Natural Falls WaterfallNatural Falls State Park is a real Oklahoma treat.  It is a small, 120 acre, beautiful state park where they shot the 1974 movie, “Where the Red Fern Grows.”  The highlight of the state park is the striking 77-foot waterfall, but the cascading falls are not the only thing the park has to offer.  There are over four and half miles of hiking trails, RV and tent sites, outdoor play areas, and fishing.  Natural Falls State Park made a great short stop as we were traveling from Oklahoma City to Bentonville, Arkansas.
Hiking the TrailsWe were in a bit of a hurry on our visit and did not get to explore the entire park, but we did take the short trail from the Natural Falls viewing platform along the creek to a series of ponds separated by a man made dam.  It was a nice little nature hike and the cascading water of the dam was almost as scenic as Natural Falls itself. Natural Falls State Park ScenaryFor such a little state park it sure packed in a large variety of flora and fauna.  While our particular timing did not provide the right time to see much wildlife the area is home to deer, rabbits, fish, turkey, and a variety of other birds.  There was also an interesting variety of flowering plants and trees by the waterfall as well as ponds and stream.
Dripping Springs Scenic TrailLike any waterfall destination spring time and after hard rains would be the more ideal time to go.  So if you are worried that you might not see much of a waterfall make sure you check with the park before you go.  For more information about the park or other things to do in Oklahoma go to http://www.travelok.com/ Dripping SpringsNatural Falls State Park
Located around HWY 412 W, West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma
There is a Fee to enter
Natural Falls is located about 100 yards or so from the parking lot

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