Sep 09

Little Rock Zoo: A Little Rockin

Enjoying the PenguinsWhen visiting some of the scenic areas of the “Natural State” we decided to take the drive over to Little Rock to see what that city had to offer.  Of course being big fans of zoos we had to take in the Little Rock Zoo.  Entering the attraction we were expecting the usual of a smaller city zoo and we left not disappointed.  The Little Rock Zoo had some nice quality exhibits like their Penguin Pointe, Siamang area, gorilla enclosure, and their Big Cats exhibit.  Like most zoos, especially small city zoos, they had some exhibits that needed some help their bear’s area and elephant yard being two examples.  Overall, it was fun visit and if you are like us and like to visit zoos it is one worth going to. African VeldtThe Little Rock Zoo is one of the smaller zoos that have visited at just 33 acres but does include more than 725 animals and over 200 species.  It has a nice variety of animals from around the world including most of the big name zoo animals like elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, penguins and gorillas.  Another neat thing to see was the newer exhibits like their Penguin Pointe and Cheetah Outpost and also new construction for their Arkansas Farm exhibit that will be coming online in the future.   It is always great to see zoos striving to make better homes for their animals and a more exciting visit for their guests.
Great ApesSeveral things that stood out to us about the Little Rock Zoo were their really nice children’s playground called the Jambo Gym that our 3 year old could not get enough of.  It had several different things that would make animal sounds when you cranked it and giant teeter-totter.  Their Lorikeet Landing area was fun having all those colorful birds fly around us.  We also enjoyed their Penguin Pointe exhibit, not the best penguin exhibit we have ever seen, but it was nice.    Another enjoyable aspect of the Little Rock Zoo was the several water features found throughout.  The waterfalls in the big cats area to the river moat in their African Veldt enclosures were nice touches.  For a small city zoo we were impressed the numbers and variety of animals and our children enjoyed certain seeing them. Reptile HouseThe Little Rock Zoo is a nice little zoo and we were glad that we got the chance to stop and have a visit.  Does it still have some kinks and exhibits to work out sure, but what zoo doesn’t?  Some of the attractions are somewhat dated but it looks like they are working on that and have plans for the future to make the zoo better.  We thought the animals for the most part looked happy and the staff seemed friendly and welcoming.  The grounds were well taken care of and our zoo membership pass to our local zoo helped keep the admission price down.  Also our going in with the right mindset of what a small zoo has to offer helped us enjoy our visit to the Little Rock Zoo.

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SimangLittle Rock Zoo
Located at 1, Zoo Dr, Little Rock, Arkansas
Hours of Operation 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day of the week closed Thanksgiving Christmas and New Year’s Day
Cost as of this Posting Adults 13 to 60 $12.95 60 and over $10.95 and Children 1 to 12 $9.95
Parking $3.00 per vehicle
For more information visit http://www.littlerockzoo.com/

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