May 13

Great Zoo Exhibit: Museum of Living Art

SaltyMuseum of Living Art or MOLA is a world class exhibit dedicated to the more colorful species in the animal kingdom. Located at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas this great museum makes any trip to the Fort Worth Zoo a worthwhile destination.

FrogOpened in 2010, the Museum of Living Art is a 30,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor exhibit that houses more than 250 amphibian and reptile species.  It is the best zoo herpetarium that Karen and I have ever been to and we have many to a lot of zoos.  From the start to the finish whoever design this exhibit did a fantastic job.  The Museum of Living Art starts off with a large area for its saltwater crocodile on one side and large tank filled with gharial crocodiles, turtles, and fish on the other and it just gets better from there.  Once through the doors there was one large tank after another filled with just about every type of amphibian and reptile imaginable.  Some of the highlights for us were their komodo dragons, giant salamanders, dwarf crocodiles, king cobra, and its abundance of every size, shape, color of frog imaginable. .
Gharial Crocodiles

We do not live in the Fort Worth area, but have visited this zoo twice mainly to see their Museum of Living Art it is that nice of an exhibit.  We enjoyed our first visit a little bit more than our second only because it was less crowded the first time.  Like any exhibit that deals with smaller enclosures like those in an aquarium or a herpetarium the crowd size plays a big part in our level of enjoyment we get out of a visit.  It is hard to enjoy the experience with 20 other people all crowded around each tank.  Fortunately even when it was crowded the Museum of Living Art is large enough that we were still able to find some space and time every now again to enjoy looking at those colorful animals.
Museum of Living Art SignBesides being a world class exhibit, the Museum of Living Art also serves as a breeding facility for rare and endangered animals.  Getting the chance to see some very rare animals as well as realizing that the Fort Worth Zoo is fighting the good fight to keep those rare animals going makes the Museum of Living Art a special place.
M on the KomodoIf you enjoy visits to zoos then we recommend checking out the Fort Worth Zoo they have several nice areas besides this one.  Now if you love reptiles or amphibians then the Museum of Living Art is a must see for you because you will be hard pressed to find a better place to see them.   Overall, we felt it is just an awesome exhibit, we enjoyed that the enclosures were larger than most herpetariums and the animals seemed happy which made us enjoy it that much more.

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snakes eyes
Fort Worth Zoo
Located at 1989 Colonial Parkway, Fort Worth, TX
Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily from October 26th through Feb 13th the rest of the year they are open till 5:00 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Adults 13 to 64 $12 Children 3 to 12 and Seniors 65 and over $9 plus parking is $5
For more information visit their website at http://www.fortworthzoo.org/

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