May 07

M’s Musings

M at the zooWe decided it was high time for another installment of M’s Musings.

Musing #1
M: (Looking at a cook book with me she saw a picture of muffins) Momma look at these big chocolate mushrooms

Musing #2
M: Mommy you are a queen and Daddy is a PRINCE-ah-pul  (principal)

Musing #3 
M: I am a genius!  Pink Kitty is a genius too.
Dad: Is Mommy a genius?
M: No…. Mommy is a half nelson (I think Dad had been teaching her some wrestling moves)

Musing #4
M: (from the kitchen standing on a stool) Mommy it’s a highway to the ground
Mom: what!?  A highway??
M: yes, a highway to the ground, I need help
Mom: (I hopped up from nursing and realized it’s a HIGH way to the ground) OH!  It’s a long way to the ground, you are up high, I will help you baby girl

Musing #5
McKenna also has a knack for making up fun words.  Most recently it’s the verb loof
M: I just loofed over here to see you…. I going to loof down on the bed

M Playing

General McKenna-isms

vitamin= vit-e-um

basket= bak-iss

marshmallow= marsh pillow

girls= gir-luhs

electricity= leck triss eh ah

M the Butterfly

That sweet girl just makes our day, we want to remember all the fun things she says.  Hopefully it gave you a little smile too.  To see more of M’s Musings click here.



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