Apr 27

Great Aquarium Exhibit: Orinoco Rainforest

CrocodileThe Dallas World Aquarium is one of our favorite aquariums that we have ever visited.  A chief reason for our fond feelings for the aquarium is because of their wonderful Orinoco Rainforest exhibit.  This large exhibit is one of the main attractions of the Aquarium.  While it feels like half of the aquarium is dedicated to this simulated rainforest, the layout and design sure makes it worthwhile.   And even though you might be thinking that is to much, we feel that the people at the Dallas World Aquarium did a great job with their 7 stories of space in creating their Orinoco Rainforest and would not have it any other way.

Orinoco RainforestBeing a simulated rainforest the Orinoco Rainforest exhibit covers everything from the canopy to the river bottom filling this large area with a variety of animals.  The Orinoco Rainforest is part aviary, part aquarium, and part zoo blended together to create fun exciting learning environment.  The beginning of the exhibit starts in the canopy of the rainforest looking down from the top of a waterfall.  Here you will see lots of bird exhibits and a free roaming sloth though he does not roam far or fast it is still exciting to come to face to face with the animal.
Dallas world AquariumThe winding path down will take you past lots of animal exhibits eventually leading to the rainforest floor where you will see crocodiles, giant river otters, waterfowl, and other animals.  Now it might not seem like it at this point but it is an aquarium and when you take the stairs down you will see just where the aquarium part comes in.  In the lower level there is a wall to wall tank filled with the freshwater fish and mammals that call the Orinoco home.  One of the neatest things to see there is their manatees which this is the only aquarium that we have been to where we have had the chance to see them.
RainforestOur whole family really enjoyed our visit to the Dallas World Aquarium and a big part of that was seeing their Orinoco Rainforest.  We like the fact that the flora and fauna were well blended in to the surroundings creating a more realistic job of simulating a trek through a rainforest.  While we enjoyed it our 2 year old loved getting to see the large variety of animals that close up.  Months later she still takes pretend vacations to the aquarium running around the house pretending to see the different animals.  The Orinoco Rainforest is a world class exhibit and one of the worthwhile things to see at the Dallas World Aquarium.

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CatfishDallas World Aquarium
1801 N Griffin St Dallas, Texas
Hours of Operation – March through August 9:00 to 5:00 and September through February 10:00 to 5:00 closed Thanksgiving and Christmas
Admission as of this Posting: Adults as of 2015 (Over 12) $20.95, Seniors (Over 60) $16.95, Children (2 -12) $14.95
For more information check out their website at http://www.dwazoo.com/

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