Apr 13

Fort Worth Botanic Garden: Fantastic Freebie

Fort Worth Botanic GardenThe Fort Worth Botanic Garden is a free attraction located on the southwest side of Trinity Park.  It is Texas’s oldest botanic garden and one of the largest in the state at 109 acres.  Whenever Karen and I are traveling we are always on the lookout for well-done free attractions and it does not get much better in both of those categories then the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.
M PlayingThough our particular visit took place at the beginning of spring and many of their 2500 plus native and exotic plants were not in bloom we enjoyed our stroll around the place.  While over 90% of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden is free they do charge admission to their 10,000 square foot tropical conservatory as well as their 7 acre Japanese garden.  On this particular trip to the Fort Worth-Dallas area we bypassed on the two pay areas.  Instead we just used the garden as nice little hike with our 2 month old and 2 year old.
PansiesThe grounds of the garden were well kept and the variety and types of gardens they had on display were pretty amazing.  We have been to a variety of gardens and have paid to see most of them so getting in for free to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden were a real treat for us.  My wife and I plan on coming back at some point in the future to see the garden at the peak of its season.
In a treeThe Fort Worth Botanic Garden has 21 themed gardens that will just about cover every variety and type of fauna out there. From elevated platforms that show off Texas hardwoods, ponds and streams to a variety of perennial and annual gardens the Fort Worth Botanic garden has a lot for any visitor to see. What we enjoyed about our visit was the way that gardens flowed from one to another. Instead of making us feel like we were in a botanical garden it made it seem like just one continuous stroll. The Fort Worth Botanic Garden was well laid out for our taste.
Entrance to Japanese GardenAnother great thing about the Fort Worth Botanic Garden was that it was very informational.  Not only about the types of plants, but also about the fauna that would typically go with those plants.  Our 2 year old is very inquisitive and any sign we see she wants it read out loud to her.  Having all the flip up charts and information boards was a real treat for her and us. Overall, we really enjoyed our early evening stroll through the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.  We definitely plan on going back when the outdoor garden season is a little bit better.

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Fort Worth Botanic Garden
Located at 220 Botanic Garden Blvd, Fort Worth, TX
Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the paid admission areas have different set times.
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at http://fwbg.org/

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  1. freda

    This garden sounds great. I would like to go there sometime. How can you beat free.

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