Mar 18

Turner Falls: Oklahoma

Turner Falls ParkTurner Falls located in the Arbuckle Mountains of Southern Oklahoma is nestled in a beautiful park, one that you will appreciate more the less people that are there.  If you do a quick search of the park on Tripadvisor you will see that people love it or hate it and the reviews seem to have one underlying point which is the size of the crowd.  On our particular visit there was 1 other car in the parking lot and we had a great time and loved the falls.  Of course, we went when the water was too cold to swim, got there right when it opened, and left before 11:00 a.m. so the crowd was at a minimum.  We loved our time there.  Our little 2 year old enjoyed looking at Turner Falls for about two minutes and was on to the playground area.   This worked out great for us because we were on our way to Dallas so Turner Falls Park was a nice little spot for us to get out and stretch our legs and burn off a little energy.
Turner FallsThe water drops about 75 feet making Turner Falls the tallest waterfall in the state of Oklahoma.  It is a gorgeous waterfall dropping into a light aquamarine color pool that you can swim in during the warm summer months.  There is also an overlook that gives a bird’s eye look of the falls.  We were there in early March and after a good rain so the water was really flowing.  The weather was on the cool side so we basically had the waterfall to ourselves for a good half hour.  About the time we were leaving around 10:30 there were several families making the short walk up to the falls.
Family at Turner FallsBesides being the home to Turner Falls, Turner Falls Park boasts 2 swimming holes, hiking trails, caves and other interesting geological features.   It also has a walk-in castle, cabins, and camping opportunities.  For more information about the park visit their website at   http://www.turnerfallspark.com/.   We were only there for a short time, so we cannot give a full review of the park itself, but from what we saw the park was clean, the lady at the admission area was real friendly and the waterfall was better then what I thought it was going to be.
77 Foot Turner FallsTurner Falls
77-Foot Waterfall
Located near the town of Davis Oklahoma exit 51on I35
Short paved Hike from the Parking Lot
Paid Admission to see the Falls.

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