Dec 16

Granite countertops step 2

Granite 1 Well after Kenny did a great job jacking up our old countertops it was finally time to bite the bullet and have the new countertops installed.  We had been debating back and forth between two different colors, Giallo Ornamental Extra and Thyphoon Bordeaux.  We finally decided to go with the Giallo Ornamental Extra, it was less expensive and also a more traditional color so we are hoping it will hold up well when it comes to resale value if and when we decide to sell our house.
Granite 2
We shopped around at about six different stores and found the best deal we could and made our purchase.  Our installer set up an appointment about two weeks away and then all we could do was wait.
Granite 3Finally they came out and got everything in place in under an hour.  They installed our beautiful undermount sink and got the hole drilled for our new faucet.  It was so exciting to see things fall into place.  It is still a little hard to envision without the new backsplash in place but it is one step closer to finished and we are loving being able to use our kitchen sink once again.  We are planning to do a natural travertine subway tile backsplash, something like this

Hopefully you can use your imagination until we get the real thing in place.

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