Oct 28

Jackin Up our Countertops

Karen and I have decided to make the big splurge and update our kitchen countertops.  We had several other cleanup projects to do, and when we learned that we could save $250 by removing our old countertops ourselves we rented a dumpster.  Now I am all for demolition, I usually have the problem of finishing the project after the destruction is done. 

So I was ready with my crowbar, sledge hammer, and other tools of mayhem when Karen had the wonderful idea to look up how to remove laminate countertops on YouTube.  I will say that I am glad that she did because somebody on there had the ingenious idea to use a carjack and a board to gently lift up the countertops.  It worked like a charm, made the whole process very easy and the best part, because I could keep the boards intact, there was very little cleanup.

It worked great for laminate countertops I am not for sure if it work for other types, but for us and the process of jackin up our countertops I give using a carjack two thumbs up.  It was quick, easy and stress free, the three words I wish I could use for all my household projects.     

To see our Kitchen remodel process click here              

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1 comment

  1. freda

    Good job Kenny. I’m happy it went so fast and easy for you.

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