Oct 15

Oh my oh my a Royals fan until I die

I usually do not talk about sports on my blog, but today is too good of a day not to.  My Kansas City Royals are back in the World Series.  Move over Amazin’ Mets there is a new team with an incredible story. 

I have been a Royals fan my entire life we would go and see them play a couple of times a year every year since the last time they were good.  My wife’s first baseball game was at the K and no matter how much my students and baseball players that I coached would make fun of me I would tell them that I am a Royals fan.  Of course, it was always the Charlie Brown approach to baseball and “just wait until next year.”  Well our year finally came. 

Some of my fondest memories of my Papa was talking to him about Royals baseball and how he would never forgive the team for not doing more to keep Bo Jackson away from the football field.   My family would go on our mini summer vacation at least once a year and watch a game or sometimes two and spend the night in the big city at the Doubletree hotel which when I was a kid was the greatest thing ever.   Another fond memory is the time my dad took me to a Royals game versus the Orioles got wonderful seats and a few innings into the game the skies opened up and the game ended up being rained out.  It was not the game itself that made it memorable it was the fact that I got to spend some one on one time with my dad. 

Even though there has been more downs than ups being a Royals fan as far as on the field product goes, I would not change those memories for anything.  Being a Royals fan to me is much more than just the wins and losses it was the memories built along the way.  Of course, when they are winning again it makes it all that more sweet. 

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