Oct 11

Great Sand Dunes: Visitor Center & Nature Trail

One of the great things about the Great Sand Dunes National Park is that it has one outstanding unique scenic viewpoint and you can see it from the deck of its visitor center.  Seeing the sand dunes at the base of Sangre de Cristo Mountains provides for a dramatic contrast of land forms. 

Of course, the highlight of any trip to the Great Sand Dunes is spending time at the dunes and especially playing in Medano Creek when the water is running, but the park is more than those two things.  Like most of the nation’s national parks the Great Sand Dunes National Park has a nice visitor center.  The visitor center features a short video on the park, a bookstore, and an exhibit area with interactive activities.  My daughter really enjoyed the hands on activities from blowing sand to make a sand dune to looking and matching up different animals to clues that are given.

Behind the visitor center there is a wonderful back porch with bench seating to enjoy the view of the dunes.  Leading from the back porch is a short little nature trail complete with signs of the plants and animals that live in this unique habitat.  I always enjoy taking these short little hikes for a couple of reasons first it is a great way to learn about new things and share them with my daughter and second any sort of hiking even if it is short one gets us away from the crowds of visitors at any national park. 

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