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Sep 09

M’s Musings


We felt like it was time for another cute installment of M’s Musings… Musing #1 M: Look mommy, I’m licking my cheeks (she proceeds to weedle her tongue wildly back and forth inside her mouth) Musing #2 M: (out of the blue) You is a handsome man Daddy! Musing #3 We were visiting Kenny’s Mom and …

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Sep 08

Explora Science Center: The Children’s Museum

M in a bubble

The Explora Science Center is a fun learning environment geared towards preteens and was a blast for our 2 year old.  We had never taken her to a children’s museum before or even a science museum for that matter, but we picked a really good one to start her at.  The Explora Science Center is a …

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Sep 07

Landscape Photography Number 14: Running Water


I have always enjoyed looking at photographs of moving water captured with a slow shutter speed.  I like the smooth silky effect it puts on the water and have always wanted to do it myself.  Now with a tripod I received as a Christmas present a couple of years ago I can attempt to get …

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Sep 06

Three day guide to the Black Hills


Our three day guide to the Black Hills has been divided into two categories, one for the serious vacationer and one for the more laid back approach.  What I mean by the serious vacationer is the person that is up before the sun looking to get the perfect lighting for that perfect picture.  The more laid …

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