Sep 29

What makes our marriage work- revisit the past

I (Karen) got the opportunity to go to a gorgeous outdoor wedding this weekend.  Kenny was sweet enough to watch our little girl while I got all primped up and went on a girls outing with my Mom and sister to a precious friends wedding.

I was amazed how just hearing those wedding vows and thinking about what they mean brought about a total refocus on my own marriage.  Am I cherishing my husband in all that I do?  Am I respecting him in every way?  Am I honoring him?  It was just a great reminder of of the vows we exchanged six and a half years ago and the promises I made and intend to keep.

I was telling Kenny when I got home from the wedding how the couple was just so young and excited and full of enthusiasm and I love that!  It is easy to feel that way ON your WEDDING day, but it is so important to keep that enthusiasm going on a daily basis.  As the years pass by and you get bogged down with careers and children and just life, sometimes we need a little refresher of what is important.

So whether it is going to a wedding or maybe just popping our wedding video in the DVD player, I just realized how much it helps me refocus on what our marriage is all about.

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  1. freda

    What a lovely marriage.

  2. freda

    It was a lovely wedding and so was yours.

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