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Teaching Tip: Sometimes all you can do is Laugh

Teaching Tip: Sometimes all you can do is Laugh

Sometimes things are great and sometimes they are not, and during the latter, all you can do is laugh.  Students will always be students no matter if you are a posh nice school or working in the inner-city like I do there are always going to be things that they do that all you can do is scratch your head and think what in the world were they thinking. 

For example I am giving a formative assessment today and it is something we have gone over I do not know how many times and they are still not getting it.  I stop the class and start asking the students questions about problems, they are answering the question correctly verbally and I send them back to their quiz.  I check the room and they are still putting down the wrong answer.  I stop the class again go over it one more time and go over it again in a different way and eventually ask a student for the answer.  He gives me the correct answer, and I say to the class he is correct so if you have something other than B down you need you change your answer… B IS THE CORRECT ANSWER.  Guess what, I still had 3 students out of a class of 20 miss it.  At that point all I could do is laugh about it.  That is just one example of many things that happened this week in the classroom as well as on the playing field that have just boggled my mind and eventually made me chuckle. 

So after a long week all I can do is come home relax with my family and have a little chuckle about it all.  I also say a little prayer for next week that maybe everything will get just a little bit better. It also helps to know that other teachers are going through the same issues and that I am not alone.

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