Sep 24

So we got an Aquarium: Part 2

A few weeks ago we told you about the need to get our 2 year old daughter a pet.  She loves animals, but we did not want to get a pet that would require a whole bunch of care and time.  So we got an aquarium and after reading a few helpful sites online and following their advice we finally got some fish.  Proudly we can say the fish are still alive after two weeks under our care…hopefully I did not just jinx it. 

We ended up getting four sunburst platys which we had read are a hardy good beginner fish and after two weeks we would have to agree that statement.  While our fish have been very low maintenance it was amazing all the little things that we needed to do before actually getting them.  Like making sure the water has cycled and add the right type of bacteria in the aquarium to combat the ammonia or nitrates in the water.  I would go in to more detail about it, but honestly I have no clue what most of the stuff we were reading about online was saying.  We just followed the advice that was there and so far so good. 

The main thing about getting the fish was to bring some more joy into our daughter’s life and that mission is successful.  She loves her four little fish, she would be the first to tell you they are not orange platys, they are sunburst platys.  She calls them Ding, Dong, King and Kong.  Ding and Dong are smaller and King and Kong are the bigger two.  Our daughter tells them goodnight every night before we turn off the light in the aquarium and she loves feeding them and watching them swim around.  Some days she will just sit in front of the aquarium and watch them swish around for minutes at a time.  We find that quite amazing for our little girl.  We are thinking about getting a few more fish for our 20 gallon tank so we will keep you posted on how life with our aquarium is going. 

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  1. freda

    I bet M loves them. They are such fun to watch.

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