Sep 22

Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Angel Fire

Vietnam Memorial Angel FireThe Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Angel Fire is a wonderful memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and their country.  It started out as a way for the Westphall family to honor their son and the 15 men that died with him in South Vietnam on May 22, 1968 and has turned into the only state park in the country dedicated exclusively to veterans of the Vietnam War. 
HueyThe Memorial was dedicated in 1971 and was the 1st major memorial to honor Vietnam vets.  I find that inspiring that during the unpopular war the Westphall family had the courage to set a memorial to their son as well as the 58,000 other families that lost loved ones in Vietnam.  Over the last couple years the Vietnam Veterans Memorial has seen many renovations and improvements and is home to a 24 hour chapel, a visitors center, garden, and has 45,000 visitors annually.  The visitor center has personal items, pictures of the fallen heroes, and other unique displays to hit home the impact of the war. 
Visitor CenterWe felt that they did a great job with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the architecture of the building and chapel were striking.  The garden was pretty and the Huey helicopter, sculptures, and carvings were a nice touch.  I really liked the visitor’s center and the artifacts and memorabilia were interesting and informative.  My wife and I were glad that we took the time out of our vacation and paid a visit to the memorial. 
Vietnam Veterans MemorialMy wife and I look for memorials when we travel and enjoy visiting them…well as much as a person can at a memorial.  We think it is important to pay homage to all those who gave so much so we can have the freedom that we enjoy today.  I think that is why we search out memorials so we can pay our respects and learn a little history, and appreciate all those that help make our country great.   

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Vietnam MemorialVietnam Veterans Memorial
Located at US 64, Angel Fire, New Mexico
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website
at https://www.vietnamveteransmemorial.org/

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