Sep 18

Old Town: Albuquerque

Old TownOld Town Albuquerque was a lot of fun for my wife and I mainly because we got to do something we hardly ever get to do anymore which is spend some alone time together.  My wife, Karen, had her parents watch our daughter for a short spell while we got to do a little window shopping at some of the 150 different stores and galleries in Old Town.  I wanted to go to see the San Felipe de Neri Church which is at the heart of Old Town because I like old architecture and historic sites and Karen wanted to find an ice cream shop. 
PlazaFounded in 1706 Old Town has been the cultural center of the city of Albuquerque since its inception.  Besides being a popular shopping and of course a tourist destination Old Town is also home to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, the Explora Science Center, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, and the Albuquerque History Museum.  A family could easily spend a day or two in the area checking out all the sights that that particular area of the city has to offer. 
Old Town New MexicoNow shopping is not really our thing but we did enjoy going into several of the specialty shops like the Christmas Store and Karen did end up getting her ice cream at Steve’s Ice Cream & Java.  What really made it a fun outing was just getting to go up and down the streets walking hand in hand with my wife just getting a chance to spend some time together.  We thought the plaza area was nice and enjoyed going into the San Felipe de Neri Church, but just getting to the enjoy the afternoon together is what made it fun. 

For more information about Old Town visit their website at http://www.albuquerqueoldtown.com/

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