Sep 11

San Felipe de Neri Church: Albuquerque

San Felipe de NeriSan Felipe de Neri Church is an active parish since its establishment in 1706 and the original building was completed in 1719 unfortunately the first building collapsed in 1792 after very heavy rain.  In 1793 a new and still standing church was constructed in adobe fashion.  The San Felipe de Neri Church is a great stop while strolling around Old Town Albuquerque.   
Garden areaOver the last decade San Felipe de Neri Church has begun a major restoration fixing up and repairing its historic structure.  My wife and I found the church to be in great condition, we though the small garden out front was beautiful and the inside while not as ornate as some of the historic churches or missions that we have visited, we still found it warm and inviting. 
InsideWe really enjoyed our visit to the San Felipe de Neri Church it has a nice little park area across the street from it that was nice to walk around.  It really helped make our stop at Old Town a special visit.  Our particular visit to the church did not take much time we took in the architecture from the outside and then walked into the sanctuary.  We were glad that we took the time to actually go into the church we saw several people just take a few pictures from the outside and then move on their way.  Getting an inside and outside view of the historic site really gave us a greater appreciation for the San Felipe de Neri Church.      
AlterSan Felipe de Neri Church is a beautiful piece of old architecture and if the lighting is right I am sure would produce some wonderful pictures.  A great little stop while we were touring around Albuquerque. 

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san Felipe de Neri ChurchSan Felipe de Neri Church
Located at 2005 North Plaza, Albuquerque
Hours of Operation 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day of the week
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at

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