Sep 09

M’s Musings

We felt like it was time for another cute installment of M’s Musings

M and the GoatMusing #1
M: Look mommy, I’m licking my cheeks
(she proceeds to weedle her tongue wildly back and forth inside her mouth)
Musing #2
M: (out of the blue) You is a handsome man Daddy!
Musing #3
We were visiting Kenny’s Mom and Dad and had my parents along for the visit so about six adults were focused on M for a lot of the trip.  She woke up from her nap and wondered…
M: Where are my people?

Musing #4
Dad: (while riding home in the car) I have everything I need, Mom, McKenna and a stack of books
M: And Gas!

Musing #5
M has been enjoying looking at pictures of our wedding and I tell her all about the beautiful garden ceremony.
M: Mom want to marry me in the garden?
Mom: Yes baby, I would love that!
M: We can marry Daddy too!
on the rocking chairGeneral McKenna-ism’s

  • Library = Lie belly
  • Patrick = pack rits (Kenny’s middle name)
  • screws = skews

 That sweet girl just makes our day, we want to remember all the fun things she says.  Hopefully it gave you a little smile too.  To see more of M’s Musings click here.
Walking down the Hill

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