Sep 07

Landscape Photography Number 14: Running Water

Running WaterI have always enjoyed looking at photographs of moving water captured with a slow shutter speed.  I like the smooth silky effect it puts on the water and have always wanted to do it myself.  Now with a tripod I received as a Christmas present a couple of years ago I can attempt to get the pictures I have longed admired. 

This picture, which I have called running water, was taken along the stream heading from Zapata Falls in Colorado.  After the short but steep hike up to the waterfall my family and I were enjoying the shade watching the water go by when I decided to get a few shots of the creek.  While the shot is not perfect by any means having a few whiteout spots in the upper right hand side of the picture I did like how the water, rocks, and greenery in the rest of the photograph turned out.  Another thing that I like about this photograph is that it motivates me to become a better photographer.  If I can get this decent of a photograph at the wrong time of day, I think about what I could do if I went at the golden hour of photography.  Which in turn, motivates me to get up on those vacation mornings to take pictures, which is not always an easy thing to do; any picture that makes me want to be a better photographer is a good one. 

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