Aug 30

Medano Creek: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Medano CreekMedano Creek is where you will probably have the most fun during a visit to Great Sand Dunes National Park.  I know that was true for us.  As interesting as it was to hike up the sand dunes and see sunrise from the top Medano Creek was a whole lot more fun and effortless to get to.  I know my 2 year old daughter had a blast splashing and running on the smooth sandy bottom of the creek, and with water just an inch or two deep our minds where at ease watching her play.  (We were visiting in mid to late June)  Our daughter had so much fun she was still talking about it for several months after our visit.   
M RunningLocated right next main parking lot Medano Creek is an excellent place to park and play for the day.  Unfortunately Medano Creek is only seasonal with the end of April to late June being the best time for seeing water flowing in the creek.  May is the best month and has the best opportunity to experience what the national park calls “surge flow” where waves over a foot tall will flow down the creek.  Even though we only had an inch or two of water to play with it was still a lot of fun playing up and down the creek, building dams of sand, and just rubbing or feet on the soft smooth sand.  If you are worried about the water level or lack of water you can go to the national park website and check out the conditions of Medano Creek by clicking here. 
Mom and M at the CreekMedano Creek was one of the main highlights of our visit to Great Sand Dunes National Park.  While the dunes were impressive seeing them snuggled up next to the mountainside was a sight to see, being able to play together in Medano Creek made it much more of a family friendly destination.  At least during our visit, we were really impressed with the fact that everybody was cleaning up after themselves and not leaving a speck of trash behind.  I hope you find Medano Creek in as a good condition as we did during our visit. 

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