Aug 20

Tomorrow is a Big Day

Tomorrow is a big day for me because that is the day I get to lead my first varsity high school team into action.  I have been a coach now going on a decade mostly at the middle school level and last year as an assistant/freshman coach.  While all of those things were great experience and a lot of fun it is nothing compared to what I am feeling now.  Butterflies are starting to build up, the constant thinking about what we have done, and wishing about what I could have or should have done differently.  Deep down I have a sense of confidence I know my team is well prepared I have seen them run fast, I have seen them put in the miles of hard work, and I know that they will try their hardest which is all, as a coach, I can really hope for. 

Tomorrow is a big day for the team because the school that I am at has had a very limited success rate when it comes to sports over the last 10 years.  You could say we have a crisis in the self-esteem department stemming from just the lack of success over that time period.  I have had seniors that have wanted to quit and told me they were going to because they were tired of taking last.  Fortunately I was able to talk them out of it just by showing them how far we have already come from last year.  I also realize if we do not have some success tomorrow I might lose my team because I have never coached them before this year and they have worked harder than they have ever worked.  If we do not get the results we want tomorrow they might think that all that hard work was pointless.        

Tomorrow is a big day for my senior runners because they have never taken home a cross country trophy and I think they can do that tomorrow.  Just as a coach I know anytime I walk by a trophy case and there are trophies that I helped put in there I swell up with a sense of pride.  I want them to have that feeling.  I want them to take home medals to be proud of and show off to their kids many years from now.  To have that pride when they hear their own kids like I do with mine when they say, “I want a medal.” 

Tomorrow is a big day for my school I know with the way they have been running my team since last spring, then all summer, the hard practices of early August when school started, that this can be a big year for the school.  That this cross country team can help start the process of turning around the stigma that goes with the school that we are at, and our city, area, state will stop looking at our school as just being a bunch of poor kids from a bad neighborhood and see what we really can do. 

Tomorrow is a big day…

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  1. freda

    Here’s wishing you all the best of luck. You have all trained hard and i’m sure it will show. Can’t wait to hear the good news.

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