Aug 14

Pueblo Zoo: Small Zoo Big Heart

The Pueblo Zoo was not on our list of must see zoos, but we were glad that we took the time to stop when we  were driving through the city of Pueblo.  When my wife and I are traveling we are always looking for a zoo to visit, and while the large metropolitan zoos can have exciting exhibits, tons of animals, and many unique species, the small city zoos have a unique charm all their own.   We have a lot of fun visiting the large zoos but sometimes a small town zoo provides better quality time with our young family.  The Pueblo Zoo is a great zoo for a family stroll.  At 30 acres it is not too big to tire out the little ones and with over 420 animals and close to 150 different species there is enough variety to make it a fun family visit. 

The Pueblo Zoo is divided up into 4 regional areas, the Serengeti Safari, North American Grassland, the Australian Outback, and Asian Adventure.  For a smaller zoo they did have a nice variety of animals from zebras to lions, sun bears and maned wolves, and bison to prairie dogs.  There is also a children’s petting zoo area with variety of farm animals.  Our daughter really liked feeding the goats and sheep and getting up close to all the other animals. 

The best exhibits at the Pueblo Zoo were their American river otter area, the penguin exhibit (because penguins are always fun to see) and their reptile house called World of Color.  It is not so much the exhibits that made this a fun place for us, it was more of the fact that our 2 year old daughter really got to enjoy herself there.  The crowd was small so she got to explore a little bit more on her own, there were not dozens of other people standing in front of the cages to see the animals, and the zoo felt like it had happy animals.  All-in-all it was a fun visit. 

The Pueblo Zoo is not going to be on our top 10 list of zoos or anything like that and it helped that we are members of our local zoo so we received a 50% discount on admission, but we really enjoyed our visit to the Pueblo Zoo.  It was a great zoo for a stroll and enjoying a family outing.     

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Pueblo Zoo
Located at 3455 Nuckolls Ave, Pueblo, CO
Hours of Operation: May to August 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and September to April 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Adult $10 Youth 13 to 17 and Seniors 65 and over $9 and Children 3 to 12 $8
For more information visit

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