Aug 13

So we got a Fish Tank

My daughter M loves animals, it started when she was just a newborn watching the squirrels running in the yard.  She used to get so excited by the little guys running all over the place.  When that became routine we added a bird feeder by our big window and she loved seeing the birds and would run over to the window whenever she would catch a glimpse of a bird.  We have also taken her several times to our local zoo and whenever we get away on a family vacation we look for zoos to see on our trips.  In fact, her favorite vacation spot has been the Atlanta Zoo she still talks about it and occasionally gets out her little backpack and announces that she is off to see the Atlanta Zoo. 

Lately she has started dragging around anything with a string  anything from telephones handsets at hotel rooms to shoes calling it her puppy and she is taking it out for a walk.  I have joked around with my wife Karen that, “you know in a few years we are going to have the sad little kid with a string and tin-can who goes around taking her pet for a walk.”  Unfortunately with our small yard and busy schedule of my wife being a stay at home mom to one and soon to be two little ones, and I am working three jobs to support my family there is just not a lot of time for a puppy or even a kitten so we got a fish tank. 

M has enjoyed every trip she has taken to an aquarium and has been excited about the prospect of owning a fish especially a “colorful fish” or a “goldfish.”  I have to admit is kind of exciting for me too I was hoping for a puppy, but I will settle for some fish.  We just got the supplies today substrate, filter, some décor and put in the water and water purifier stuff.  So hopefully in a few days’ time we will add a few more minor members to the family.  We will keep you posted and wish us luck, we will probably need it. 

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  1. freda

    Good luck.

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