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Aug 30

Medano Creek: Great Sand Dunes National Park


Medano Creek is where you will probably have the most fun during a visit to Great Sand Dunes National Park.  I know that was true for us.  As interesting as it was to hike up the sand dunes and see sunrise from the top Medano Creek was a whole lot more fun and effortless to …

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Aug 29

Revisiting: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


We have always liked the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and when we found ourselves back in the Colorado Springs area we just had to stop for another visit.  Our last visit was in in 2011 and we were looking forward to the seeing the new changes the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo had in store for us.   My …

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Aug 23

Update: It was a very good day


It ended up being a very good day for my first cross country meet as a high school head coach. Not to get into too many details, but 6 out of my 7 varsity guys medaled on their way to winning our first cross country meet of the season. For most of them it was …

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Aug 20

Tomorrow is a Big Day


Tomorrow is a big day for me because that is the day I get to lead my first varsity high school team into action.  I have been a coach now going on a decade mostly at the middle school level and last year as an assistant/freshman coach.  While all of those things were great experience …

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Aug 19

Red Rock Canyon Open Space: Colorado Springs


Having spent many summer vacations at the Springs in Colorado I was surprised to first hear about Red Rock Canyon Open Space as I was planning my most recent trip there.  Seeing the high reviews on travel sites, I quickly came to the conclusion that I wanted to visit.   The area did not disappoint.  It …

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Aug 17

Bumpdate (2): 24 weeks


HERE is my 24 week bumpdate with M How Far Along: 24 weeks Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am up fourteen pounds so far (yikes).  I haven’t seen that number in writing until just now.  That feels like a lot but I guess I’m closer to the end than the beginning (wow!). Maternity Clothes: I just …

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Aug 16

Made our Bucket List: Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls

My wife and I are big fans of waterfalls and seek them out when we go on our vacations.  We have seen some great ones in places like Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Smoky Mountains, and places in between.  However we have not yet seen one of the prettiest ones in the United States (some would argue …

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Aug 15

Landscape photography Number 15: Sunrise Great Sand Dunes

One of the most fun things about photography is all the experimenting involved. There are so many different things you can photograph and ways to photograph them. Different angles, different lighting, so many options. Photograph literally means light picture, so lighting is one of the greatest things to experiment with. On a recent trip to …

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Aug 14

Pueblo Zoo: Small Zoo Big Heart


The Pueblo Zoo was not on our list of must see zoos, but we were glad that we took the time to stop when we  were driving through the city of Pueblo.  When my wife and I are traveling we are always looking for a zoo to visit, and while the large metropolitan zoos can …

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Aug 13

So we got a Fish Tank

fish tank

My daughter M loves animals, it started when she was just a newborn watching the squirrels running in the yard.  She used to get so excited by the little guys running all over the place.  When that became routine we added a bird feeder by our big window and she loved seeing the birds and …

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