Jul 27

North Clear Creek Falls: A Colorado Treat

Clear Creek FallsNorth Clear Creek Falls is a beautiful waterfall that does not require a hike to go see so definitely worth a stop if you find yourself in south central Colorado.  The waterfall is located along the Silver Thread Scenic Byway on Forest Road 510.  Our particular route was from Alamosa which we were staying at to see the Great Sand Dunes National Park and through it was a long day trip for us our journey was nothing less than spectacular.  The winding Rio Grande was beautiful and we were really envious of the large log cabins that aligned the river.  Seems like the perfect place to retire except for maybe the winters, but those views might be worth it.  Along the way, we got to see some interesting small towns including Creede an old mining town that seems like it would be a fun vacation destination.
The ViewWe have seen many waterfalls in our travel, but North Clear Creek Falls has a very unique setting because it is the middle of an open range.  We found it interesting to see cattle literally feet away from a 100 foot waterfall there was something surreal about the whole situation.  Besides the spectating cows, the waterfall is just gorgeous coming from a flat plain then hitting a cliff and dropping over a 100 feet as it continues on its way. Its beauty coupled with its easy access makes it is easy to see why it is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the state of Colorado.  North Clear Creek Falls is handicap accessible, offers paved parking, and restroom, and a picnic table.  It is just a really nice stop along the scenic byway and one we would stop at every time we are in the area.  
North Clear Creek FallsUnfortunately, this was our first time in that part of Colorado and we did not do our homework because we missed the South Clear Creek Falls which is right in the same area.  Besides the North and South Clear Creek Falls there are several other waterfalls of note in Mineral County, Colorado.  Though it was a bit of a drive for us from Alamosa it was definitely worth the effort and we are so glad that we got too see that particular part of Colorado.

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