Jul 22

Made our Bucket List: Washington D.C.

At times I find it sad that I have not visited my nation’s capital.  As someone that has taught U.S. history in the public school system for the last 10 years and just the patriotic part of me really needs to see it.  Now it is more of the historic nature of the place that appeals to me not the politicians that are running it.  The memorials, national museums, zoo, government structures, and of course our founding documents should be seen at least once by those living here and, through taxes, paying for it. 

So why haven’t I been?  Well, while the East coast appeals to certain parts of me when it comes to vacations the mountains out west or a beach somewhere wins out during my decision making process.  When I eventually go to Washington D.C., I want to do it right, not during summer vacation or spring break when all the school tours are going but in late September or early October when I could enjoy it a little more and do the whole trip right. 

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