Jul 05

We’re Back!

Family VacationWe’re Back!!!-Karen, M, and I just got back from an exciting two week vacation to Colorado and New Mexico.  We headed that way to escape the heat of the Plains and celebrate with Karen’s side of the family a momentous occasion, her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  It was a great vacation because for once it was a little bit more of a relaxing vacation for us.  We got to hang out with family, see some beautiful mountain scenery and for a few moments forget about life for a while. 

After two weeks of traveling it is a amazing how good the idea of “home” starts to become, and then once we walk in the doors get a good night’s rest in our own beds reality starts to hit home and we only have 5 more months until our next bundle of joy arrives, 1 more month until I go back to teaching, and 0 days until we need to start working on the house again.  At that moment we start to ponder our next vacation so we can leave our worries behind. 
50th AnniversarySo thank you for sticking with us and sorry that we took a two week hiatus from Plain Adventure, but we are excited to show our readers what we have been up to, plans for the future, and our dream destinations.  Like always we thank you and wish you Happy Travels!!!   

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  1. freda

    We had a great time. Couldn’t ask for a better family to celebrate with. Love all of you.

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