Jun 10

Shopping for some granite

Kenny is FINALLY off school for his summer vacation (well except for when he has practice for cross country or soccer) so that is freeing up more of his time to focus on some home renovations.  He has been going strong everyday getting one project after another tackled.  We also have our contractors hard at work trying to get our house back together after the big car crashed through the side of it.

Needless to say something has sparked our renovation button and we are hitting it hard.

The next project we have somehow headed towards is looking at granite countertops for our kitchen.  We refinished all the cabinets shortly after we moved in and replaced all the hardware.  We have slowly updated our appliances to stainless steel (all except the oven), and countertops seem like they would just be the icing on the cake.

We keep thinking we want to upgrade to granite countertops eventually and we might as well enjoy them now rather than just upgrading right before we sell the house someday.  So my sister sweetly offered to watch M and Kenny and I went on a whirlwind date/granite shopping extravaganza.

It’s amazing how many choices and options and price ranges there are when it comes to granite.  We got some really good recommendations from some friends and finally narrowed the choices down to two different options. The first is called Typhoon Bordeaux…

It is rich and vivid and kind of artsy and also on the higher end of the price range (for us anyway).


The second option we really like is called Giallo Ornamental Extra
It is has smaller veining and is a more subtle pattern and is also a little less expensive (yay!).

I think we are leaning towards the Giallo Ornamental unless someone out there in blog land wants to sway our opinion.  😉

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