Jun 08

Bold Prediction: World Cup 2014

As a fan of soccer or as the rest of the world calls it football I have been looking forward to World Cup 2014 since the last one ended four years ago.  This one is especially important to me for a couple of reasons the first being it will be my daughter’s first world cup not that she will remember it because she is two but still important to me.  Secondly this will be the first world cup where I am a head high school coach which has been a dream of mine since I started out as a middle school coach 9 years ago.  So this edition of the world cup should be exciting and on a personal note a very memorable one for me.  Here is to hoping that I am right on predictions well at least most of them.  As much of a United States fan as I am I could just not put them getting past the group stage so I hope that I am at least wrong on that one.  Either way it should be a great world cup.

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