Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 14

Joy like a child

M was so excited when we cleared out all the furniture from our master bedroom in preparation for the contractors to start repairing the damage from the big crash.  When she walked into our room for the first time her eyes got wide and she let out a squeal and started running in circles.  It …

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May 13

Crash Update: Construction Day 1


Finally our house is coming back together.  For those that do not know our house was hit by a car on Super Bowl Sunday and it put a nice sized hole in our garage and shifted our master bedroom wall over.  Now you might be thinking the super bowl was so long ago, and you …

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May 12

Good Assignments for Those Last Days of School: Part II

I don't wanna go

via For me those last few weeks of school just seem to drag on forever.  It is not really because I am that anxious to get out of there and start summer break, but the real culprit to those mind numbing weeks is the fact there is just nothing left to go over.  This year …

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May 10

Birmingham Botanical Garden: Fabulous Floral Freebie


Birmingham Botanical Garden is a large botanical garden with over 12,000 different plants in its collection all for the viewing public to enjoy for free.   On its 67.5 acre grounds the Birmingham Botanical gardens has over 25 unique gardens from an old-fashioned Irish Rose Garden to a hike through native Alabaman woodland.  The garden also …

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May 09

Easter photo shoot


I (Karen) got to have a fun little impromptu Easter photo shoot with our sweet little girl a few weeks ago.  We stopped by my Mom and Dads house, they have some of the prettiest landscaping, lush green grass and lots of pretty flowers.  M had a great time just running around outside (probably her …

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May 08

Landscape Photography Number 18: Tundra


Number 17 of my landscape photography series is a picture of tundra high up in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This particular picture was taken along the Trail Ridge Road which is just filled with spectacular scenery.  For the longest time I had never given much thought to visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, but since that …

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May 07

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park


Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is located just on the outskirts of the greater Atlanta metro area and is one of the few attractions in the area that is free.  The Kennesaw Mountain national Battlefield Park is the site of a Civil War battle that took place from June 19th, 1864 to July 2nd 1864 …

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May 05

Frustrations in Blogging: White Screen of Death


Well those that have been following our website Plainadventure for a while might have noticed that we have been slowing down on the number of posts per week.  While it has become harder to find the time with an almost 2 year old running around the house, the real culprit has been the non-stop coaching …

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