May 29

Teacher Tip: Crash Course

This tip is probably not a new one to a lot of teachers out there but as for me I just discovered the educational videos Crash Course a few days ago.  Since watching about a dozen of them Crash Course and their videos on YouTube is now going to be a part of my review sessions I have for my history class from now on.  It is some really good stuff they have going on in their videos.  As I joked with my students he covers what I took a week and half to teach you in 12 minutes.

I have already started adding a review slide to all my chapter presentations that I give linking to the corresponding video from their YouTube page.  I think the Crash Course video will be a great way to sum up the chapter in a new way.  I like the fact the videos are entertaining through their use of animation and graphics.  Also the writing is well done getting the history lesson across in a thought provoking jovial manner.

The only downside to the videos is he talks a little bit fast for my English as a second language student and my students that a little bit below average.  Good thing on that is- there is subtitles which helps those types of students understand the video unfortunately I will still have those students that will be frustrated by the speed of him talking but too lazy/not care enough to read the subtitles.

While watching a few of the Crash Course videos as a means to review for their upcoming final it was easy to see those students in class that deeply understood the subject material as they laughed at the jokes and those students where it went completely over their heads. I think Crash Course will be a great source for me as a teacher for years to come.  I hope they keep putting out high quality videos like the one above.

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Here is the link to the Crash Course YouTube page http://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse/videos    

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