May 28

Chickamauga National Military Park

Chickamauga MonumentsChickamauga National Military Park is located near the border between Georgia and Tennessee and memorializes two major battles of the Civil War.  It was also a great stop for us as we drove from Atlanta to Chattanooga on our way to the Tennessee Aquarium.  My wife and I were in a bit of a time crunch so we only saw the Chickamauga National Military Park and visitor center and saved the visit to Lookout Mountain for another day.Historic cabin and canonAs a history teacher I love getting the chance to visit places that I have taught about, it really makes it come alive for me.  I wish more people had the chance or the willingness to go and visit historical sites and learn and care a little bit more about their country’s history.  I highly recommend a trip to the Chickamauga National Military Park for a couple reasons first being the visitor center, its exhibits are interesting and second the park is well maintained and helps give perspective to one of the major turning points of America’s bloodiest war.Gun CollectionThe Chickamauga National Military Park visitor center is a great place to get a perspective of the battle and also its impact on the Civil War.  We found the staff to be very friendly answering any questions about the park and the area in general.  There are several exhibits, artifacts from the battle, diromas, and video which all together provide a good understanding of the battle.  To top it off, the visitor center also houses the Fuller Gun Collection which has over 300 examples of military rifles through the ages.  I really enjoyed the video showing a traditional muzzle loading rifle and a repeating rifle, definitely a game changer in the war.Chickamauga National Military ParkThe actual park part consists of hiking trails, a 7 mile self-guiding auto tour, canons, hundreds of monuments and markers, historic buildings, and a descriptive audio tour.  The variety of monumcents and carvings must have taken some effort and time to create and are a fitting memorial to the Chickamauga National Military Park.  The tall tower was an interesting hike up and seeing the area from up top provided some interesting views but save your legs it was not really worth the effort.  It is a very unique experience walking around a place of bloodshed and carnage, but without those brave men our country would be a much different place.Military ParkWe enjoyed our time at Chickamauga National Military Park and wish we would have had the time to see Point Park at Lookout Mountain, but that is the way it goes sometimes.  It was well worth the time and considering it is free, the Chickamauga National Military Park was a must stop for us.

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Located at 3370 LaFayette Road, Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Hours of Operation: Open from 6:00 a.m. to sunset & the visitor center is open from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Free at Chickamauga Battlefield and $3.00 at Point Park at Lookout Mountain
For more information visit their website at http://www.nps.gov/chch/index.htm

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