May 27

Landscape Photography Number 17: Nymph Lake

Nymph Lake

Number 17 of my landscape photography series is a picture of Nymph Lake located in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This particular picture was taken along the trail to Emerald Lake.  If you ever find yourself there I highly recommend taking the hike to Emerald Lake.  I believe the light is better in the morning especially at Emerald Lake but this particular picture was taken late in the afternoon. Great hike and for my wife and me it was just an all-around awesome vacation day.

This particular picture was taken with my old Canon Powershot a few years ago before I upgraded to my Canon 7D.  I like this picture because it has elements in all three layers of the picture from the grass in the foreground, to the reflection in the middle, and the mountain and woods in the background.  I was lucky because that late in the afternoon usually there is some wind which would distort the reflection, however it was a very calm day. I do wish the light would have been better, but there hopefully is a next time.

I would love to do the hike again with my DSLR there was countless opportunities for some very scenic landscape pictures.  Now it is just a matter of when I will have the chance to go back.

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