May 25

Photography Tip: Experiment with Reflectors

Last Christmas I received a silver/gold/white reflector and I have only used them a few times but I can see that as soon as I get some more practice with them they will definitely come in handy. Many times in the past a lot of our portrait pictures are taken with shadows running across my families faces.  As you can see in the pictures below reflectors eliminate shadows.  However make sure you do not blind your subject by using the wrong reflector.

Without Reflector

ShadowWith Reflector

with reflector

I am still in the experimental phase of using the reflectors and over time like all the things that I have tried with photography the more I experiment and try it gets easier to do and the results get better.  There are several cheap options in buying reflectors or plenty of sites online that will tell you how to make your own reflectors.  Give it try and see if it will help you bring a little light to the shadows.

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