May 19

Made our Bucket List: Kauai


My wife Karen and I have been truly blessed in life, good jobs, been smart with our resources, and learned to live without some of the wants in life.  Because of that, we have been able to travel across the United States and have seen some amazing things.  We have been to the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu but not Kauai at least not yet and with a little girl and hopefully more children on the way it might not be for a while.  With that being said, Kauai is definitely on our bucket list and we look forward to getting that one checked off sooner rather than later.

Kauai the Garden Isle only has a total area of 562 square miles but it packs a lot of beauty in its small space.  The oldest of the main islands its landscape has been shaped and eroded much more than its neighbors.  The Waimea Canyon and Na Pali Coast are must see as well as a one of kind hike along the Kalalau Trail.  Of course, Kauai also has nice beaches along with great snorkeling and diving opportunities it is a memories for a lifetime vacation destination.Green Sea Turtlevia

I already started planting the seeds of Kauai being our 10 year anniversary destination so hopefully that come to fruition.  Of course, it does not take much prodding to get my wife to want to go to Hawaii we have loved all three vacations we have taken to the islands the hard part is just coming up with the money to go.

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