May 16

Great Zoo Exhibit: China

China Memphis ZooMemphis Zoo’s China exhibit is one of four exhibits in the United States that houses the giant panda and makes for a great reason to visit the Memphis Zoo. China is just one of the many great areas that can be found at the Memphis Zoo. Northwest Passage, Teton Trek, and soon to open Zambezi Hippo Camp River provide the people of Memphis and those that travel there one heck of a zoo experience. China first opened in the spring of 2003 and is home to white-cheeked gibbons, Asian small-clawed otters, Francois Langurs, Pere David’s deer, Giant Pandas.Giant PandaChina is a beautiful exhibit with pagodas, statues, and well laid out exhibits.  Of course, the star attraction of the China exhibit is two giant pandas Ya Ya and Le Le, but those two are not the only things worth seeing there.  There are several other species of animals from that part of Asia that are fun to watch as well.  Both types of primates the white cheeked gibbon and the Francois langur as well as the Asian small-clawed otter are highly entertaining when they are active and the China exhibit also has a variety of birds as well as a miniature deer called the Pere David’s deer on display.China ExhibitThe Memphis Zoo will always be one of our favorite zoos to visit because it was one of the first world class zoos that my wife and I visited.  Even after visiting 26 different zoos the Memphis Zoo is still my wife’s favorite.  Part of that reason is the great exhibits there like the China exhibit.Asian Small Clawed OttersFor more information on the Memphis Zoo visit their website at http://www.memphiszoo.org/

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