May 09

Easter photo shoot

M on the BridgeI (Karen) got to have a fun little impromptu Easter photo shoot with our sweet little girl a few weeks ago.  We stopped by my Mom and Dads house, they have some of the prettiest landscaping, lush green grass and lots of pretty flowers.  M had a great time just running around outside (probably her favorite place to be!).Little ModelIt was extra special because she got to wear a beautiful Easter dress that my mom made for me so many years ago.  I tried to find a picture of me in the dress but no luck yet.  I’ll keep looking.Easter BasketWe also tried a colorful little crochet dress on her that my Grandma made and I also wore as a little girl.  It is so fun getting to relive some of my childhood through my little girl.  She is such a joy and makes me smile everyday!  We are so blessed and thankful God gave her to us.Little Ducky


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1 comment

  1. freda

    So pretty ! and who would have thought many years ago that your little girl would be wearing the very dresses you wore.

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