May 08

Landscape Photography Number 18: Tundra

TundraNumber 17 of my landscape photography series is a picture of tundra high up in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This particular picture was taken along the Trail Ridge Road which is just filled with spectacular scenery.  For the longest time I had never given much thought to visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, but since that one visit I have been trying to plan a trip back.

This particular picture was taken with my old Canon Powershot a few years ago before I upgraded to my Canon 7D.  I enjoy this picture because it represents in my mind the tundra region that I have rarely traveled.  The rocks grass and small flowers in the foreground look so tiny and fragile especially when contrasted with the towering stone mountains in the background.  The blue of the sky and the yellow pops of flowers are also a nice contrast.

Another thing I enjoy about this picture is the bright blue sky with just the right amount of clouds to draw some interest.  So often while we are on vacation the skies are overcast and just a blur of white so I’ve come to really appreciate seeing that blue sky.  Good photography is all about the contrasts.

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