Mar 28

Panda Cubs: Atlanta Zoo

Panda CubWhen planning our vacation we decided to ask our little girl where she would like to go and she had only one place on her precious little mind which was the zoo.  It probably did not help that we asked her a week after we went to our local zoo, but nevertheless if she wanted to go to the zoo that is where we were going to go.Sleeping PandasKaren and I had heard that the Atlanta Zoo had two baby pandas on display so we packed up and headed that way.  It was a long drive from our home on the plains but it was worth it.  Our little 21 month old girl loved seeing the little pandas and we have been home now for a week and she is still talking about it.Atlanta PandaIt was definitely a fun and unique experience not only for our daughter but also for us.  It’s not every day that a person gets to see panda cubs.  So we highly recommend checking out the Atlanta Zoo especially if you are in the area.  Overall it is a really nice zoo and the panda cubs were icing on the cake.

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