Mar 16

Great Zoo Exhibit: Teton Trek

Grizzlies PlayingTeton Trek is a Memphis Zoo exhibit treat for your senses it takes the best of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem and places it east of the Mississippi.  Both times that I have visited this particular exhibit I turned to my wife and said, “I wish our zoo had something like this.”   While the Teton Trek is only home to a few species of animals their enclosures is what makes this particular exhibit a must see.Grizzley ExhibitThe focal point of the Teton Trek exhibit is their log cabin inspired by the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park complete with a replica of the Old Faithful Geyser.  Make sure you take the time and go into the cabin and see some of the multimedia presentations they have inside or at the very least plan a break here and take a seat outside on the patio watching the grizzles at play.WolvesTeton Trek is home to three large species of animals, the grizzly bear, elk, and timber wolf along with a variety of North American birds including the trumpeter swan and sand hill crane.  Another thing we really love about this exhibit is the amount of space each animal has.  For example, the grizzly area is one of the biggest bear exhibits we have ever seen complete with a 20 foot waterfall, stream, swimming area, climbing structures, and pit to dig in.ElkThe Teton Trek design layout is extremely well done, it not only gives you up close views but is one of those rare zoo exhibits that gives its visitors a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the animals.  I wish more zoos would install walkways above their animals it allows for good photo opportunities and also eliminates the need for the bars and other barrier devices to block one’s views.Elk StatueThe Memphis Zoo is really doing something right with all their new exhibits and the people of Memphis are lucky to have such a topnotch zoo.  Every time we visit we walk away feeling a little bit jealous at the plethora of nice exhibits that can be found there.  Good job Memphis, keep up the good work.B and W grizzFor more information on the Memphis Zoo visit their website at http://www.memphiszoo.org/

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