Mar 09

Lucky Little Shamrocks

Finger PaintingWith St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner I though of a fun way to let M be involved in our decorations.  It isn’t a huge holiday in our household but everything is more fun when you have a little one around to get excited about it.Green PaintI got some white 5×7 index cards (cardstock would work great too) and got M set up in her little highchair.  I put some dollops of green and yellow finger paint out and gave her a little pink paint brush and let her go to town painting those cards.  She even gave her highchair tray a few colorful splotches.  At some point her little fingers got involved in the fun too and I was perfectly fine with that.  I just wanted to let her use her own creativity.TraceAfter she had finished about four cards I got her all cleaned up, and let the little cards get nice and dry.  The next day I traced a shamrock pattern over the top of her embellished cards and cut out a perfect little shamrock!Cut it outWe hung them up as fun decorations and M loves looking at her little clovers.  Fun and easy, my kind of project!

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