Mar 08

Trail of Time: Grand Canyon National Park

Edge of the Grand CanyonTrail of Time is one the newest trails at Grand Canyon National Park and is an award winner having won the Interpretive Media Award by the NAI the National Association for Interpretation.  The Trail of Time is on the South Rim Trail and does two things well, it has gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon and helps the average visitor come to grasp with exactly how long it took for the formation of the Grand Canyon by decoding the rock layers that give the grand Canyon its brilliant look.

Yavapai Geology Museum

Starting at the Yavapai Geology Museum and finishing at the Verkamp’s Visitor Center the Trail of Time was great easy 1.3 mile trail that allowed us to see and touch canyon rocks and learn about them.  The Yavapai is neat little geology museum that explains the formation of the Grand Canyon in a way that can be informative and enjoyable to a child but provide an adult a learning experience as well.Grand Canyon Trail of Time - Folded Vishnu basement rock - 0331via

A nice thing about the Trail of Time is that it is one of the few hikes in Grand Canyon National Park that is suitable for just about anybody.  It is wheelchair accessible and short and level enough for all hikers of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  It is a ranger walk area, but you to not necessarily need to wait for a ranger to lead you because of the interpretive signs as well as a timeline marked by brass markers as well as viewing sights overlooking the different rock layers and interpretive signs will provide the information you need.ElkWe highly recommend walking this trail at sunrise to help avoid some of the crowd you will be sure to find yourself amongst during your time at the Grand Canyon.  On our particular fall visit we were lucky enough to come across some of the wildlife that live in the area.  We saw big horn sheep during his best rock impersonation and shared the trail with group of elk.Bighorn SheepIf you are not an avid hiker and heading down into the canyon seems a little daunting then do what most of the 5 million visitors to Grand Canyon do and hike some of the Rim Trail.  If you end up hiking some of the Rim Trail make sure you take the 1.3 mile Trail of Time and learn about just how special the Grand Canyon really is.

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Trail of Time
1.3 Miles One Way
30 to 45 Minutes
Easy Level of Difficulty

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