Mar 03

Pinterest Project: Erupting Snow

Erupting SnowWe’ve been struck by another round of winter weather and have been a little house bound the last few days.  Daddy even got some snow days off work so we have really enjoyed having him home with us!

The weather was frigid today, in the teen’s most of the day with a wind chill below zero.  Needless to say we didn’t leave the comfort of our warm home.  We were all getting a little stir crazy so we thought it was a great time to bust out another pinterest project.Playing with the fake snowSince we couldn’t go outside and play in the snow it was a great day to try out the erupting snow recipe I saw on pinterest a few months ago.  Luckily there are only two ingredients and we had both of them on hand, shaving cream and baking soda.  I mixed the concoction up in a small bowl and was amazed that the mixture actually felt cold to the touch.  Crazy!!Making it EruptI dolloped a few piles out on M’s highchair tray and she was immediately intrigued.  Actually she was anxious for it before I could even get it mixed together.  She poked her little fingers into it and we encouraged her to use both hands and make balls and we even made a little snow man.  The texture is fun and she really enjoyed herself.

After she was done just mushing it I poured a little vinegar into a cup and let her watch the snow erupt into a bubbly volcano as she dropped little pieces into the vessel.  It was so much fun!  We will definitely be making snow another day.  It was a little messier than I anticipated but nothing major.  I would say four out of five stars.Having FunTo see all of our completed pinterest projects click here.

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