Feb 24

Landscape Photography Number 20: Iron Spring Creek

Iron Spring CreekNumber 20 of my landscape photography series is a picture of hot spring runoff flowing into Iron Spring Creek in Yellowstone National Park.  Taking quality pictures in Yellowstone is about as simple as taking a stroll and firing away with the camera.   Yellowstone National Park is a photographers dream destination from the wildlife to the surreal landscape and the variety of colors that come out of the ground there.

The pattern of browns, whites, and oranges down the bank of the creek makes this photo appealing to my eye.  I also like how the white clouds pop against the blue sky.  It seems like any time you can achieve great contrast it makes for an exceptional photo.  I can’t tell you how many times Karen and I have been on vacation and are met with gray gloomy skies.  We just smile at each other and laugh at the fact that back home our family and friends are bragging about the great weather.  This trip was really special because we had some spectacular weather and really cooperative skyline vistas.  I definitely prefer to take landscape photography with a vivid lively sky.

I also try to look for great contrasts in the landscape.  Whether it is in texture or color it adds variety to the image and therefore a more enticing picture.  So, wherever you are, look for the contrasts and you’re sure to find a great photograph just waiting to be captured.

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  1. freda phillips

    Great Photo. I can’t believe those colors coming from the ground. It is beautiful. And the sky is gorgeous.

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