Feb 21

Made our Bucket List: Freedom Trail

Freedom Trailvia

Freedom Trail is Boston’s historic walking trail that runs for two and half miles and goes to sixteen historically significant sites.  The highlights of the trail include: Boston Common where the British forces stayed during the occupation of the city at the beginning of the American Revolution, the Old Granary Burial Ground where famous revolutionaries like Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock were buried, the Old North Church from the famous ride of Paul Revere, the historical USS Constitution, and the Bunker Hill Monument.  Not many places in the United States have that much history packed in two and a half miles. Being a history teacher the Freedom Trail is a must for my personal bucket list and because my wife is so nice to me she would tag along and love it too just because she knows it would make me happy.  I am truly a lucky man.USS Constitutionvia

As someone who spent nearly 10 years teaching middle school students about the American Revolution I long to see the historical sites I taught about.  I think a Revolutionary road trip to Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. would be a great way to spend some of our vacation time.  Now that we are leaning towards the idea of homeschooling maybe a long trip back east in about 9 years will be just about the best way to make history come alive.

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