Feb 17

Pinterest Project: Valentine Heart Stamp

Sorry I’m a little late posting our weekly Pinterest Project.  I know it’s past Valentines Day, but honestly I love hearts anytime, especially if they’re from my sweetie little daughter.

Have the tool

I saw this fun project on pinterest several months ago and kept it in mind for Valentines Day.  All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, some paint and paper to stamp on.  I used some red finger paint that M is familiar with and she really had fun with our little project.  Initially I helped get some perfect hearts stamped but then I turned loose and let her go to town.

She had so much fun seeing her paint on the page.  She was a stamping machine!  We made a sweet little valentine for Daddy.Little ArtistI would give this project four out of five stars.  She really enjoyed it, I think if she was just a tad older she could have maneuvered the stamp easier, but it was tons of fun none the less.  Click HERE to get the instructions.

Little Hearts

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