Feb 15

Winter Olympics: The Internet has ruined the Olympics

I have always been a fan of the Olympics, summer games more than their winter counterpart, but nevertheless have always grown up watching the festivities. Starting back with the London Games two years ago I watched a little here and there, but not nearly as much as before and with this year’s winter games I have watched maybe 10 minutes of it. For a while I thought it was just that life has been busy, but now I have come to the realization that the internet has ruined the Olympics for me.

Since the games are tape delayed and my wife and I have given up satellite/cable for Amazon prime and streaming regular television over the internet I only have access to events that ended hours earlier.  If I check the internet at any time during the day I know exactly who won and lost and then the whole point of watching becomes moot.

The internet has definitely made many things in my life easier from using it at work teaching to just having tons of information at my fingertips, but at the same time it has made watching the Olympic Games so much harder.  During the summer games in London I tried to stay away from the internet or only go to sites that would not mention the games, but just about anything I would use from trying to sign onto my email to any type of news site gave the results away.  Now I stay away from the Olympics not the internet.  I guess there are always the Brazil games in 2016 to look forward to, maybe I will be able to see some live events then.  For me, the Olympics, like buying a CD from Best Buy, renting a movie from Blockbuster, and wearing a watch to keep track of time have gone the way of the dodo.  So long things from my childhood at least I have the internet to keep me warm.

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